Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sore Thursday

My golf game began very well. I was hitting the ball the best I've done. The four of us were enjoying the day until.............................................. after getting a cup of coffee and leaving to go to the 10th hole I slipped and fell and hit my face on the stone floor. The cut was opened and there was blood all over ground. It just happened that one of the guys that I was golfing with was a doctor. He stopped the bleeding. My friend Brian took me to the doctor who the told me to go the emergency to have an ex - ray on my head just in case so that was my golfing day. I sat in the emergency for 5 hours but thank God the ex - rays should that my head was OK. The Doctor did tell me that I would be very sore the next day and man oh man was he correct. I'm in pain so if you don't mine I'll wait to do my blog tomorrow. See ya.


  1. I'm so sorry Paul. I know how you love playing golf. I'm so happy there was a doctor there though. That was good. Head wounds bleed horribly.

    I hope you have some pain pills. Take whatever you're supposed to and take a nap. ☺

  2. oh this is awful news paul! i am SO sorry! hope you feel better soon my friend!

    hugs, bee


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