Saturday, June 17, 2023

Summer Time Is Here

Good morning everyone and how have you been? It's been some time since I've been in my blog. I jut came back from Sarnia having my eyes lasered. I feel a little bit better. My eyes don't feel the pressure that was there but it's going to take some time to get rid of the brightness in my eyes. I'm wearing sun glasses inside the house especially when I'm working with the computer. 

I have some photos of my granddaughter Emily. She had her Prom last Friday. She looks great.

 I could give you many of the photos but those should be OK. She had a great night.



Three nuns are waiting in their monastery, each equally as tired and sweaty in the mid-summer heat

One of the nuns offers to disrobe, which the other two agree upon, seeing the brutal sun. Each of them stand nude in the empty cathedral, doing their daily duties until a knock is heard upon the door.

"Wardrobe man." Says the man, and the first nun repentantly opens the door. The man, unable to see her, gives a slight nod behind the furniture before bringing it inside. Without a word, he leaves the cathedral, no sign of seeing her shame.

An hour later, a second knock on the door.

"Window man." Says he, to whom the second nun reluctantly opens the door. To her relief, again the man's sight was obstructed, the box for the windows wide and tall. The man strides in, giving a slight nod, before tirelessly leaving the box near the far wall and returning to his truck, unaware of the nuns nakedness.

An hour later, the door is struck a third time. The man cries out "Blind man."

With a sigh of relief, the third nun strolls to the door. Upon opening it, the man with the slight box looks her over.

 The blind guy comes in, sets some stuff down and says, " Nice tits sisters. Where do you want the blinds?"



  How's y'all's summer bods looking?

Mines looking like I have a great personality.



Cruisin Paul



  1. Heeheehee! Yes, somebody needs to turn down the thermostat in some places, like here.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful.

    I pray your eyes heal up quickly and well!

  2. Yes Emily is beautiful. She takes after my family.LOL

  3. What nice photos of your granddaughter I am scared of horses heheh! :-)

    I liked all the funnies and ain't the rain in England one so true hahah! :-)
    I am glad your eye treatment is done and over and your gradually feeling better now, 👍

    Have a cleartastic week Pauleo 👍 I have added you as usual

  4. Thank you for once again adding me Steveo. I thought you'd like that meme about England. We really need some rain around here.

  5. Oh my Emily is just a lovely young woman. I think my favorite photo is her riding the horse in her prom gown.

  6. I think Emily will be very happy hearing that you said that comment about hear riding her horse. Thanks Carol

  7. Emily is a beautiful lady. You must be proud of her.


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