Monday, July 6, 2015

Warming Up Monday

I woke up with a great thought for today. Let's go spend some  time down by the river. There shouldn't be that many people down there on a Monday so get a coffee and enjoy the warm weather before the rain comes tomorrow. I wonder if Mary Lou would like to join me? That woman works so hard. I wish that she would just enjoy life a little bit more. I guess the reason I'm saying that is because since I'm unable to do as much as I use to do and I don't want her over do the work. 



Blonde Cruise

A blonde sees a flier on a bulletin board that reads, "Cruise -- Only $5." She goes to the address on the flier and hands the receptionist $5. The receptionist nods to a burly man reading a newspaper. He walks over to the blonde and knocks her unconscious.
The blonde wakes up tied to a log floating down river. To her right, she sees one of her blonde friends. "Do you think they're going to serve food on this trip?" she asks.
Her friend replies, "They didn't last year."

Blonde's Coat Hanger

Q: Why does the blonde keep a wire coat hanger in the backseat of her car?
A: In case she locks her keys inside.

The Blonde and Car Maintenance

A blonde buys a used sports car. However, during the first joy ride, the engine jerks and the car slows to a stop. The blonde calls a tow truck. The mechanic sets to work, and 10 minutes later, the car is running again.

"What was the matter?" she asks.

"Simple really, just sh*t in the carburetor" he replies.

Taken aback she asks, "Oh, how many times a week do I have to put that in?"

The Blonde's Roadside Emergency

A blonde's car breaks down. A cop pulls up and inquires about the group of naked men standing next to her car.

The blonde says, "They're my emergency flashers."



Past Cruise Photos

                                                                   Docking into Tortola.

                                                                    Leaving Tortola.


What beautiful Monday morning it is outside. It's so nice to see a Monday morning like this. I'd better get outside and enjoy it while it's still here. 

                                                                               SEE YA. 


  1. Paul, Tortola is a very beautiful place. Happy Monday!

    1. Tortola was beautiful but I hated the place itself.Problems at the place itself.

  2. It's a beautiful morning here too Paul, and it's cooler. Everyone is happy about that. That heatwave we had was awful.

    Loved all the jokes. Blondes take a beating don't they.

    Loved the kitties so I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

    1. Sandee, you know that I love blondes. As I said before, my wife is a blonde and I love my wife. It's so simple finding a joke about blondes. Probably because everyone loves blondes. See ya my lovely blonde friend.

  3. It's cooled down quite a bit up here in the mountains of Northern California...I love your blog- always makes me smile and laugh!
    It's great and never makes us irate! Cheers!

    1. Well thank you Kathe. I'm hoping to please. Thanks for popping in to read.

  4. Beautiful day here too nice clear blue sky and slightly cooler than the last week thank god for that.

    I liked the jokes ...poor Fred LOL

    Beautiful photos Paul the lovely scenery blue water too :-)

    Have a scenictastic day :-)

    1. Ah yes, poor Fred. ha,ha,ha. Thanks for dropping in my good friend. See ya.

  5. LOL Paul, loved the jokes, especially the otter one! Thank you so much for the inspiration, lovely photos and laughter. :)

  6. Life is good here. Smiling.

    Big hugs. Honey...


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