Tuesday, February 7, 2023

It's Warming Up!

Good evening everyone whoever decided to see this blog. I only had one friend comment on my last blog. Last Sunday we went to watch my grandson play hockey. It didn't take long to to no longer watch him because he cross checked a player and the ref through him out of the game.No more Cole. His team still won because this talented player ( Cole's friend ) scored 4 goals and they won the game.


                         and last but not least






Cruisin Paul

                                      St. Maarten


  1. Good ones today my friend. I haven't been around. Got some things going on. Just know if I'm not here, something is happening in my world, be it good or otherwise. :-) And yeah, Cole!!

  2. Yes I know and you are very strong Peg. Don't worry about me, you take care of you and I'm sure that Rick is giving you strength also. I pray that you will be able to come back you the old Peg and ready to go. I'm thinking about always.

  3. I hope spring comes early for you. I think Canada is beautiful but it's too cold for me. Sending warm hugs and hopes for an early spring.

  4. I hope so also Carol. I need some sun.

  5. Hi Pauleo It's ben very mild here fo the last few days, sorry to hear about Cole but he will learn in the future

    Those were hilarious funnies that first one I laughed out loud .

    I recently had rashes appearing on one side of my body i was told by my doctor it's Shingles i'm in a lot of pain at moment and i'm quite lightheaded from the medication i just want it gone .

    Have a good week Pauleo and thanks for being a good friend :-) have added you as usual 👍

  6. Oh my goodness Steveo, shingles. I had two shots for shingles and hopefully I shouldn't get it. I'm so sorry my friend. Take good care of yourself. I'll be thinking about you.


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