Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February 1st

 Well what do you know? It's February. January went so fast. Hello my friends. Life is going on so fast. This morning I had a pedicure with Cristina and now my feet feels so soft and relaxed. I feel like I'm always feeling like I want to go to sleep. This medication for my eyes  does that and I won't be seeing my eye specialist until the end of the month. 




February is ending today, but that's okay.

We'll March on.
 Not really, we just started Feb.

Women are happier in February

A social media researcher walks into a bar and orders a beer. "Have you ever noticed that women complain less in the month of February?" he asks the bartender. "Really?" the bartender asks. "I hadn't noticed. Is it because of Valentine's Day?" "No," the researcher replies. "Near as we can tell we've determined it's because February only has 28 days."



My dad hasn't spoken to me since February

Sure, death could explain it, but I always thought if you really loved someone, you'd find a way.

I love February because it contains two of my favorite annual events

Groundhog Day, and the State of the Union Address.

One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a notoriously unreliable mammal for prognostication with no basis in reality. The other involves a groundhog.


Which month do men jerk off the least?

February. Because it’s the shortest


Cruisin Paul


  1. A pedicure sounds wonderful. I haven't had one in years. Stay warm and healthy!

  2. You should have one once in awhile. My feet feel so good.

  3. Glad it's made your feet feel better mine always feels good after I go to the Podiatrist and it's relieving :-)

    It is going fast Pauleo seems like it was only Christmas 2 weeks ago lol, I laughed at your funnies heheh!

    Have a pedicuretastic week Pauleo 👍

  4. Rick went with me once and loved it. I haven't found a good place here yet. Nothing better than your feet being rubbed and now they are soft and wonderful. It does a body good!


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