Thursday, September 28, 2023

Hello my friends. I hope that you are doing well. My right eye is doing well but I still have to keep up the drops for another week. After a week I also go and see my regular eye doctor. I then will need a new set of glasses, one with the regular eye and the other side with the new eye. Weird isn't it. I also want my new glasses will have their frames to be red. Yes, red.

Next week I with be 74 years old. That's going to weird also. October is the month of Halloween. I can't wait. 


 Why do leave change color in Autumn?

Because instead of chlorophyll, the 

chloro - empty.


My friend must think I'm gullible. He said today was the autumnal equinox.

But I'm not going to " fall " for it. 


British: We call it autumn which comes from the French word " autumpne " and later the Latin

 " autumnus ".




My wife and I went out for a leisurely drive to see the autumn leaves, when we noticed that one of the tires seemed to be getting low.......

She was a bit taken aback when I asked, " Why in the world did they start charging for AIR!"


I looked at her and winked, " Inflation " 






 Cruisin Paul




  1. I had cataract surgery early in my 50's. First they did one eye and then they did the second eye. It was like getting out of prison and I only wear glasses to read now. Red glasses sound fun! Take care my friend.

  2. Here's an early Happy Birthday. Hope you have many more old man!

  3. I hope you get your eyes sorted I just had to update my lenses i can see clearer now lol red ones will suit you :-)

    I liked the funnies heheh! have a redtastic week Pauleo 👍

  4. For some reason Steveo, I can't put my name in there. Oh well, thanks for stopping in. I went to my eye doctor and she told me that I first have to have the left eye done. I don't understand because the eye specialist didn't say anything about the left. I'm confused.


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