Monday, October 9, 2023

Good morning everyone or whomever sees my blog. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada. My American friends you also but your Thanksgiving will be next November. It's cold right now, it's windy and a little rainy a little. Tomorrow I go get my massage and the next day after I go back to Dr. Lara, my eye doctor again. I have to go outside to cover my birdbath for the winter & the AC machine also. Halloween is coming soon. 

What do ya call a scary movie about your zodiac sign?

A horrorscope. 


Son: Dad, this movie is so scary.... Is this woman going to die?

Dad: Judging by the size of the horse's penis, she going to die. 


My mom told me that if I watched scary movies, the monster would come out of the TV and haunt the house.

So I only watched them at my friends' house. 



What's comforting and scary at the same time?

A warm toilet seat.


How does a monster watch a scary movie?

It goes to a screaming service. 




Cruisin Paul




  1. Hi Pauleo Hope all goes well with your eye doctor and you enjoy your massage 👍

    Well all these were funny laugh out loud jokes Pauleo 👍

    Hope your doing ok have a massagetastic week 👍

    1. My massage went well and I'll see what hapens with my eye doctor. Last night I had a serious nose bleed but I was able to eventually stop it after a half hour. Thank God.

    2. Good to hear you enjoyed ya massage hope your next eye appointment goew well again ....wink 👍

  2. I do hope you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and am praying your eye exam shows all is well.

  3. Hi. I hope your Thankgiving was wonderful. I'm a bit behind in my blogs. I apologize! Hope all went well at your eye doctor!

  4. Oh my gosh, I totally agree with Steve.. funny and I laughed outloud.... bwahahahaha Thanks... for the laugh!!! Have a great day!


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