Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Cold Saturday

Today is going to be a very cold day. The highest temperature for the day is suppose to be around 10 degrees. I thing I'll be inside for the day except to go and run my Camero's engine for 10 minutes. Then back into the house where it should be warm. My fingers are very cold at the moment. There is a football game on later on today and one game tomorrow. Mary Lou is taking my daughter to work soon. I better go faster with this blog because I'm freezing at the moment.




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Cruise Photos

                                                                    Carnival Breeze

                                                  Mary Lou with a friend in San Juan, PR

                                                             Shopping in St. Maarten

I'm beginning to make the necessary choices of clothes that I want to put in my luggage for the cruise. Each year I try to put in less clothes. My first cruise ( I was a rookie then ), I took far to many clothes and realized that you just don't need that many clothes so I've learned different each year. 
Have a wonderful Saturday. The sun just came out and I suddenly felt better. See ya.


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  1. Loved your friendship one. That rocks.

    I'm sorry you're cold. That's not fun at all.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. Enjoy the sun. :)


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