Sunday, March 19, 2023

Spring has Sprung.

Good evening everyone. I have good & bad things talk about. I'll start with the bad. My good friend is in the hospital. He's had problems the lasy 2 months and the doctors can't figure out the problems. Get well Ron.

The good thing is, the other day my new young friend Linden who became the towns youngest councillor came over to have a coffee with me. We had 2 great hours talking about just about everything. He had a photo taken with him & I. Here it is.

Linden placed the photo in his & my Facebook. To my amazement suddenly I had 187 emojies and 34 comment that came from former students and teacher friends. It was so great. So many former students commented on how they loved being in my class & just me. I cried later night. I enjoyed my teaching and my classes but I never really realized  my students carried so much about me. 

It means so much to me. Thanks Linden.

This week this actor & comedian is coming into Amherstburg to show his TV show " . The Jonny Harris " Still Standing " . He is doing my town Amherstburg and on Thursday I will get to see him do the show. I'm so happy.

One other thing, this week starts " Spring .

How excited was the gardener about spring?

So excited he wet his plants.

Does February like March?

No, but April May.

When do monkeys fall from the sky?

During APE-ril showers.

What do you get when two plants kiss?


What goes up when the rain goes down?



 Cruisin Paul




  1. Happy Spring! I'm glad your students remember you and you were able to make a difference in their lives.

    1. Happy Spring to you Mimi. I was shocked hearing from all of these former students and all the great comments. I feel so lucky to have had so many good students

  2. Happy Spring Paul. I love this picture of you and Linden. I am sorry about your friend in the hospital. I hope he is well soon!
    I bet that was so nice to see and 'hear' all your former students say such wonderful things about you Paul. You deserve my friend.

    1. Happy Spring to you Peg. I hope you are feeling better. I have been lucky to have enjoyed the time with all of these students.

  3. I hope the doctors will be able to figure out what is troubling your friend, Ron. Once in a while, we all need affirmation and encouraging words and in your case from your ex-students. You have been a good dedicated teacher.

    1. I'm just waiting for a phone call from Ron's wife to find out how's he doing after all the tests.

  4. Happy Spring from me too Pauleo sorry to hear about your friend gwt well soon Ron 👍

    What a nice story about your new counciller friend and the reactions you had on FB 👍

    I liked the photo too and the funnies, we put our clocks forward this weekend roll on the lighter evenings heheh! 👍
    Have a springtastic week Pauleo :-)

    1. Happy Spring to you also Steveo. Yes, Linden's photo opened up the past about the students & me. I'm so happy about their comments.

  5. Hurray! Spring is here! Love Spring because Summer is up next and outdoors, beautiful plants start blooming and fun at the pool! Woo Hoo! Can't wait!

  6. Hi there Dolly. Yes I'm very happy that Spring is here. Next week I'll be taking my baby, my Camero out of the garage. Zoom. zoom, zoom.


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