Sunday, December 21, 2014


   Good morning all. I'm happy this morning after receiving our Christmas gifts from my daughter Nicole, my son - in - law, and our grandchildren, Emily & Cole. They came over that night with their wonderful gifts for us. It was a fireplace to which was placed in the room where my pool table was at and along with that they brought a 49 inch TV which was placed on the fireplace. Joe also put together the entire fireplace. We were totally unprepared for this unbelievable gift. I now have a 70 inch TV in the family room which has a fireplace of its own and now we have a small electrical beautiful fireplace in the poolroom which we also now have a 49 inch TV. I'm in heaven. I'm such a lucky man. I want to cry and I think I will.
Today is Football Sunday with three games of which I will definitely will enjoy watching but now I have two fantastic places to watch it at. Lets see, I'll watch the first game in my 70 inch TV and later I'll go downstairs and watch the game with 49 inch TV. The choices I have. Ha,ha,ha. Once again, I'm a very lucky man, a proud father, a thankful dad.


Christmas Quote of the Day


I've decided that I should not place any funnies today because of the officers that were shot down in New York City. In respect of their families, the officers of New York and my good friend Sandee who was a police officer I want this in the place. 

O Almighty God, Whose great power and eternal Wisdom embraces the universe, Watch over all policemen and Law enforcement officers everywhere.
Protect them from harm In the performance of their duty To stop crime, robbery, Riots and violence.
We pray, help them keep our streets And homes safe, day and night.
We commend them to your loving care Because their duty is dangerous.
Grant them strength and courage In their daily assignments. Dear God, protect these brave men and women.
Grant them your almighty protection, Unite them safely with their families after Duty has ended.
Please God, grant us this wish.



  1. Wow that was an amazing gift! Good for you!!

    Smiles, bee

  2. What a fabulous gift indeed. Wow, two new televisions and a fireplace too. That rocks. Now you have choices in where you'll watch your programs.

    Thank you for the prayer Paul. Hubby and I were lucky. We survived our careers. Many didn't.

    Have a fabulous day my friend and in 33 days you'll be on your cruise. :)


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