Monday, March 23, 2015

Bright Monday

Gooooooooooooooood morning friends. Really, I'm smiling this morning and happy that this sun is so brilliant this morning. Today my wife & daughter are leaving to go to Windsor to spend some money and I spoke to Mary Lou last night telling her to buy herself a great gift for her birthday. She didn't say a word buy she did have a big smile. I don't know wither that's a good or bad. ha,ha,ha. 
For me, I'll just enjoy the day or good downstairs and clean up a little. 


Monday's Funnies

Blonde Burn

"I was ironing my clothes when I received a call. Instead of picking up the phone, I picked up the iron and burned my ear."
"'What about the other ear and your hand?" the doctor asked.
She replied, "I tried to call for an ambulance."

Clearly Cheating

Lorraine dies suddenly.
At the funeral, the man stands up and sings, "I can see Clearly now, Lorraine is gone."

The Engineer and the Frog

An engineer crosses a road when a frog calls out to him, "If you kiss me, I'll turn into a beautiful princess."

He bends over, picks up the frog and puts it in his pocket. The frog speaks up again and says, "If you kiss me and turn me back into a beautiful princess, I will stay with you for one week."

The engineer takes the frog out of his pocket, smiles at it and returns it to the pocket.

The frog then cries out, "If you kiss me and turn me back, I'll do whatever you say!"

Again the engineer takes the frog out, smiles at it and puts it back into his pocket.

Finally, the frog asks, "What is the matter? I've told you I'm a beautiful princess, I'll stay with you for a month and do whatever you say. What more do you want?"

The engineer says, "Look, I'm an engineer. I don't have time for a girlfriend, but a talking frog, now that's cool!"


Past Cruise Photos

 Downtown Curacao

The Carnival Miracle at Grand Turk


I'm done for today. Hope to be with you tomorrow. See ya.


  1. Make sure you tell us what Mary Lou buys for her birthday. With that smile she's got something in mind. Yes indeed.

    Loved all the jokes as always.

    I loved Grand Turk too. And St. Thomas. I'd love to spend some time on both islands, but not come on a ship. Fly in and stay a while.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

  2. My wife keeps pushing the cruise thing on me. I just want a beach, water and sun.


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