Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hopefully A Great Wednesday

Good morning friends. I hope that you had a relaxful sleep and are faring to go today. My wife & I have to see someone today and the after that I'm taking her to lunch. My daughter Nicole just started her new job in the area. It is with " Families First Funeral Home ". After talking with her, she is excited and very happy with her change. She said that the people at Families First are are very professional and very loving to all. I'm very happy & proud for her. I guess I know where I'll be going when the time comes. Ha,ha,ha. 



Wednesday's Funnies

First Convict: I heard the Warden's daughter up and married a guy down on Cellblock D. The Warden's mighty upset about it too.
Second Convict: Why? Because she married a con?
First Convict: No. Because they eloped!

It's a convicts first day in prison. He's a young convict and he's crying. An older convict comes over and sits down. He says look it's not so bad here. For instance, do you like movies? The new guy says, "Yeah I love movies." Every Monday we have movie night, first run movie. Do you like Italian food? The new guy says, "Yeah I like Italian food." On Tuesday in the cafeteria, it is all Italian food. Do you like baseball? The new guy says, "I love baseball." Every Wednesday we have a pick up game and everyone plays even the guards, it is really fun. The old guy says, "One more question, are you by any chance a homosexual?" The new guy says, "no I'm not." Ah, you're not going to like Thursday.

Three Escaped Convicts Joke

Three convicts escape from prison. They make it to a nearby town but are confronted by a policeman.
“Hey, aren’t you those three escaped convicts?”, asked the policeman.
Thinking on his feet the first convict looked around him and said “no, I’m Mark, Mark Spencer.”
“The second followed his lead and said “My names is William, W H Smith.”
The third said “My name is Ken… Ken Tuckyfriedchicken!”


Wednesday's Poem


Past Cruise Photos

                                                               Entering the pier of Antigua.



Well I'm done for today. I hope that you enjoyed what I have presented. Have a wonderful Wednesday and I hope that.......................................................................................

                                                                   SEE YA.



  1. Lunch out is a fun thing. Hubby and I do that from time to time. Have a blast.

    Loved all the jokes.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

    1. WE enjoyed our lunch a great deal and then went home when I started to arrange our dinner. Eat,eat, eat is all that we do. Ha,ha,ha. See ya.

  2. I glad that you enjoyed the funny stuff. See ya.


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