Monday, June 1, 2015

Sunny But Cool Monday

Good morning friends. Well the rain is gone but so has the heat. This morning the temperature is in the middle 40's. Yes that's in the 40's and today is JUNE. Give me a break................ I was hoping to go sit by the river today but due to this cold snap I'm going to sit with a heavy coat and a cold breeze. Hopefully the sun and heat comes back soon. Remember I said that it was now JUNE.



While sports fishing off the Florida coast, a tourist capsized his boat. He could swim, but his fear of alligators kept him clinging to the overturned craft. Spotting and old beachcomber standing on the shore, the tourist shouted,"Are there any gators around here?!"
"Naw," the man hollered back, "they ain't been around for years!"
"Feeling safe, the tourist started swimming leisurely toward the shore.
About halfway there he asked the guy,"How'd you get rid of the gators?"
"We didn't do nothin'," the beachcomber said.
"The sharks got 'em." 


Husband went fishing

One man's hobby was fishing, he spent all his weekends near the river or lake, paying no attention to weather. One Sunday, early in the morning, he went to the river, as usual. It was cold and raining, so he decided to return back to his house.
He came in, went to his bedroom, undressed and laid near his wife. "What terrible weather today honey," he said to her. "Yes. And my idiot husband went fishing!" she replied.

Two blondes rented a fishing boat, and were having a great day catching fish. The first blonde said “This is such a great spot, we need to mark it so we can come back.” The second blonde proceeded to put a mark on the side of the boat. The first blonde asked “What are you doing?” The second blonde replied “Marking the spot.” “Don’t be stupid” the first blonde said. “What if we don’t get the same boat next time?”

 Three fishermen were fishing when they came upon a mermaid, the mermaid offered them one wish each so the first fisherman said: “double my I.Q” so the mermaid did it and to his surprise he started reciting shakespeare. Then the second fisherman said: “triple my I.Q.” and sure enough the mermaid did it and amazingly he started doing math problems he didn’t know existed. The third fisherman was so impressed he asked the mermaid to quadruple his I.Q and the mermaid said “Are you sure about this? It will change your whole life!” the fisherman said “yes” so the mermaid turned him into a woman



Past Cruise Photos

                       Looking out of our cabin balcony towards the stern of the ship.

                                       St. Thomas,  heading out on an excursion.


                                          That's it for now except for this......

                                                          SEE YA!


  1. Sorry it's so cold Paul. I hope it warms up soon.

    Loved all the jokes. Blondes get so mistreated don't they.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

  2. I laughed the hardest at the fish "going online". LOL! It is chilly here too in Montreal, but I am enjoying it, especially after the couple of humid and hot days.

  3. Hi Paul, it is very hot here in my country. I haven't been on a cruise before, hope to do one day soon.

  4. It's chilly here to and windy arghhh!
    Looks like that fisherman's priorities were a bit muddled LOL
    St Thomas looks lovely :-)
    Have a chillytastic day Paul :-)


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